Exploring Nike HQ & Shanghai: MBA International Consulting Project Highlights

Did you know that the University of San Diego MBA program offers intersession courses all over the globe?
You can travel to Europe, Latin America, Africa and in my case Asia – where I chose Shanghai for the MBA international consulting practicum. During Intersession I wanted to get a few more MBA credits completed, so I left San Diego for 15 days to learn about the culture and business practices in China. The trip was filled with so many new experiences, I couldn’t wait to share them with all you future MBA students. Herewith a list of my top 10 Shanghai moments.

  1. Yu Gardens
    Yu GardensThe architecture of Yu Garden is the most impressive aspect; it was so ornate and elegant I couldn’t believe it was built during the Ming dynasty 400 years ago. The scenic layout and sculptures are breath-taking and the stark contrast in architecture of the modern Chinese buildings and garden, made me feel as though we traveled back in time.
  2. Jade Buddha Temple 

    Jade Buddha Temple.jpgSpeaking of China’s ancient architecture, another place you should visit is the Jade Buddha Temple. It sits right in between all the modern buildings of Shanghai. The moment I entered the temple, I felt like I entered a spacious spiritual place and the serenity within calmed my mind.

  3. HaiDiLao
    HaiDiLaoAny trip to Shanghai is not complete without visiting a Hot Pot restaurant with your group. We chose HaiDiLao which is famous for hotpot style food and provided outstanding service. When I say service, we found it unusual since manicure and pedicure services were offered while we waited for the hotpot. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that at a restaurant. The food itself is very delicious and this typical Chinese experience is not to be missed.
  4. Karaoke
    KaraokeNightlife in China is not complete unless you hit a Karaoke bar and let out the genius in you. The experience is one-of-a-kind and will expose you to the hidden musical talents among your group. Believe it or not, having a karaoke session will instantly bond you with fellow karaoke participants. In addition, you’ll either discover a top-class singer or that one person whose singing skills can be leveraged for future group outings.
  5. Nike Corporate Office
    Being on the MBA Consulting Practicum means business. So we toured the Nike corporate headquarters for our first meeting with the company to discuss our project scope. The journey by metro took us 30 minutes and the entire journey was worth it, as the Nike office is spacious and awe-inspiring. The office complex is huge and we saw people doing all kinds of sports apart from just working. While it may not be easy to gain access to the Nike campus unless you are a staff member or special visitor it’s a must visit place if you can.Nike
  6. Tian Zi Fang
    For those of you who love shopping and eating (who doesn’t?) Tian Zi Fang is a must visit place. It is named after a famous Chinese painter and has many shops where you can buy delicacies, souvenirs, trinkets and oddities to your heart’s content. There are many eateries too, where you can have a quick bite once you get tired of shopping. Tian Zi Fang is a super crowded place with narrow walkways, which gives a realistic sense of being in China.Tian Zi FangDoes the above picture make you hungry yet?
  7. Bund
    The bund is a waterfront walkway and scenic area with a view of the skyscrapers, considered emblematic of Shanghai. Enjoy a stroll along and take in the wide variety of architecture and grandeur of Shanghai’s millions of inhabitants.Bund.jpg
  8. Qi Bao
    Qi Bao is sometimes called the Chinese version of Venice, or the Floating City of Shanghai. The town has a 1,000 year history and is centered around Qibao temple. Entering the town takes you back in time and you can see the ancient architecture. Walking through the busy lanes gives a sense of walking through a tourist attraction and yet at the same time there are certain sections where you can experience total tranquility.Qi Bao
  9. Shanghai Tower
    Shanghai Tower is one of the highest towers in the world and the view from the top is absolutely thrilling. The elevators that you ride on the way up are pin-drop silent and ruthlessly fast. There are videos depicting the development of China over time, and it’s impressive to see how fast China was transformed. If you like virtual reality, there is a motion detection based racing game which you can play at the top floor. I call it: High Altitude Gaming.Shanghai Tower
  10. Gintei Teppenyaki
    After a busy day of exploring Shanghai, nothing beats an all you can eat restaurant. Gintei Teppenyaki is just the restaurant if you are looking for traditional Chinese with a modern twist. The ambiance is great and is a must visit place after a tiring and long day to relax and refuel.Gintei TeppenyakiShanghai was an unforgettable experience, and I’m thrilled that University of San Diego MBA provides ample opportunity for travel and discovery. In fact, MBA students often do multiple consulting practicums across the globe. Where would you choose to visit on your MBA International Consulting Practicum?

    Post submitted in March 2017 by Lokapati Patnaik Bhogela, first-year MBA candidate in the Full-Time MBA Program. Prior to USD, Lokapati worked as Technology Analyst for Infosys and System Engineer for Tata Consulting Services.

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