The USD MBA experience… in pictures

When talking about a picturesque campus, you may imagine a picture like this:

USD day

But can you believe it’s even more beautiful in the evening?

1-USD evening

When  talking about MBA students, you can imagine a group of business elites in suits like this:orientation

Or giving presentations like this:

But can you imagine that we also play hard and love each other like this?team buildingbday party                                                                                 (surprise birthday party for 3 classmates)

When talking about MBA life, you can imagine a busy schedule and endless reports due for class:
1-team work prep
But can you imagine how many great networking opportunities we attend where we meet some awesome people?
1-Hera Venture Summit 1-Hera Venture Summit-001

Harbor Cruise

When talking about attending a career fair, you may imagine a crowded scene like this:1-Career Fair

But can you imagine that the MBA Career Development team will stand outside the whole time supporting you?


(2 members of the MBA Career Services team pictured above – Emelina Belle and James Sillcox)

Life is a journey and getting an MBA is a beautiful adventure during this journey. I may not have chosen where I started my life’s journey, but I have chosen a special adventure at USD to make my future dreams come true.  Most importantly, I feel so lucky to have all the amazing friends who will walk on this beautiful adventure with me!

Post submitted by Grace (Xiaoyu) Pu, a first-year MBA student in the Full-Time MBA Program: General Management track.  Grace attended University of Western Ontario in Canada for her undergraduate studies and prior to USD worked as Assistant HR Director for the Railway Administration in Shenyang, China

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