Summer Internship Experiences

School is back in session for us 2nd year Full-Time MBA students at the University of San Diego as we enter into the final year of the program. I am proud to report that 100% of first year students who opted to intern during the summer found an internship to their liking.  Read on, as I share my internship experience and the experiences of some members of my Cohort.

Prita Karanjkar – Internship with MUFG Union Bank

“I worked for the Data Management Office, within the Risk Operating Office of MUFG Union Bank over the summer. As an international student from India, exploring the different cities of the U.S. has always been something I’ve wished for. Imagine how excited I must have been when I learned that I have been placed in Los Angeles, the headquarters of the Risk Operating Office!

As an intern, I assisted two departments of the Data Management Office- Data Accuracy and Data Integrity. Data Accuracy saw me work primarily in the capacity of a Data Analyst, concentrating on process improvement and testing. For Data Integrity, I assisted the Director with activities related to reporting and operations. My most challenging assignment was when I developed new reporting templates and data charts for the Director that provided both a high-level overview and a detailed representation of project assignment and data request management, which were presented to senior executives in the Risk Operating Office’s business review meeting.  I also assisted the Vice-Presidents of the department in their on-going projects. One of my most interesting projects was creating the concept, format, content and agenda of the first of its kind cross-functional training held by Vice Presidents to benefit different business units.

MUFG Union Bank has many patrons of the Internship Program, amongst them the CEO and the CFO of the Risk Operating office for the Americas, who took the time to interact with me and consider my feedback. While I had my hands full with responsibilities over the summer, the amount of learning was phenomenal, and the experience rewarding and unforgettable. I am excited about my final year in the program. I am obtaining a specialization in Corporate Finance, and have taken all my electives in Supply Chain Management, with the long term goal of having a career in Banking.”

Prita at MUFG Union Bank

Prita at MUFG Union Bank

David Fike-Rosales – Internship with Education Pioneers

“For my summer internship, I was an Education Pioneers Graduate Fellow. This fellowship attracted me because it allowed me to use my business skills in an evolving and high-need sector: education. I was partnered with Oakland Unified School District for 10 weeks to tackle challenges within their Continuous School Improvement department. My main project centered around building an effective practices platform designed for in-district collaboration. I was fortunate enough to meet with many departments of the district to learn the ins and outs, as well as meet the new Superintendent and hear his action plan.

When not directly assisting the school district, I was collaborating with the other 40 fellows on their respective projects. No day was the same as we tackled each others’ problems head on and looked to scale each venture across different organizations. It wasn’t your typical MBA internship experience, but I greatly enjoyed it due to the dynamic structure and changes of a school district organization as well as all the skills I further developed that prepare me for my 2nd year at USD.”

David at Education Pioneers

David at Education Pioneers

David F. Samuel – Internship with 20th Century Fox

“As any full-time MBA student will tell you, the importance of the summer internship for us cannot be overstated. Not only does it lay the foundation for future employment for the MBA student, it also exposes the student to potentially new industries and functional areas. Moreover, it can be a great opportunity to network. I was fortunate enough to land an internship with 20th Century Fox’s motion picture deals analysis department within the strategic planning group for the summer between my first and second year of the MBA program.

Even though I had an entertainment background from my undergraduate years, I had spent the past decade in the Marine Corps so my entertainment exposure had been limited as of late. However, the team I worked with was quite friendly and talented and made sure I felt welcomed and was sufficiently trained for my summer tasks. Deals analysis is a corporate finance position and I can say that without a doubt, my corporate finance concentration and USD’s MBA curriculum set me up for success to hit the ground running and easily understand the work and concepts utilized at 20th Century Fox.

Moreover, I was relieved that the team and my supervisor recognized my work experience spanning more than a decade, as well as my MBA credentials as a justification for giving me tasks commensurate with my education and experience. Instead of getting coffee or waiting for work, I was immediately put on financial modeling assignments, legal deal checks against financials, as well as financial performance metric analysis for the studio.

I also used this opportunity to network as much as possible while I was in Los Angeles by taking as many lunch meetings, dinners, and coffee dates as possible to lay a foundation for references and potential future employment. My LinkedIn network grew by over 100 new contacts while in Los Angeles. I strongly recommend looking at the summer internship as not only an opportunity to learn an industry, hone a skill, gain work experience, but to also expand one’s professional network. I am happy to report that I am now on 20th Century Fox’s bench and will be considered for future employment post-MBA.”

David at 20th Century Fox

David at 20th Century Fox

Neelam Chauhan – Internship with BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

“After completing 1st year of MBA, we all were looking forward to a summer full of new experience and accomplishment. I am Neelam and this summer I interned at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. This company makes drugs to cure ultra-rare genetic diseases. Getting an internship was very exciting news for me but the fact that I got the opportunity to intern for a company that does such an amazing work for human kind, was the best part of this summer. From the get go, I was handed projects that were really crucial for the company at that point in time and it pushed me to put in the best of my efforts. The company is based in North California, hence I wanted them to have a very positive image of University of San Diego and visit our campus more often to hire students in future. These were the fastest three months of my life but I feel highly accomplished.”

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Maria Szczepaniak– Internship with UTC Aerospace

“I am currently in my second year at the University of San Diego gaining an MBA with an emphasis in Corporate Finance.  Having worked over 7 years within the supply chain industry, I chose USD’s challenging full-time MBA International Track to gain direct exposure to various international business environments.  My student travels so far have taken me to Asia, Latin America, South America, Europe and Africa.

This past summer I interned at UTC Aerospace, focusing on international commercial contracts and strategic negotiations to improve the Fortune 50’s supply chain operations.  There I spent my time analyzing strategic cost drivers, optimizing efficiencies among the existing supplier channels, creating process maps within various value streams, drafting commercial contract amendments, writing standard work procedures and giving presentations to senior leadership.  I additionally took on a peer leadership role and created the “MBA Intern Huddle” as a collaborative learning initiative for all interns across various business units to come together, brainstorm and create optimal solutions for our summer objectives.

From the softer relationship management skills to the tough boardroom negotiations, USD’s MBA program has helped me not only sharpen my business skill set, but it also has given me the confidence to act as a globally minded, influential leader in the workplace.

After graduation I intend to combine this summer’s supply chain internship experience with my corporate financial emphasis and international market exposures to find a role within strategic operations.  I am also an active member of USD’s Women in Business Network, the Management Consulting Association and the Net Impact Club. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at”

Maria Szczepaniak

Maria Szczepaniak

 Marc Everds – Internship with SKLZ

“Over the summer I worked as a strategy intern for SKLZ, an athletic performance training company in Carlsbad, CA. At SKLZ, I worked with the president on building a business case that aligned the goals of the company with the needs of the athlete. We noticed that there was a void in the market for high-quality, affordable, sport-specific performance training programs. We decided we needed to build sport-specific training programs that could be streamed from any device anywhere by anyone. Over the past 4 months, I have worked with the marketing team and outside consultants to build the business model, marketing plan, financial model and pitch deck for this new line of business. At the end of my internship I had the opportunity to pitch the idea to the executive team and board members, where it was very well received and the project is now moving into the development stages.”

Marc at SKLZ

Marc at SKLZ

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned until our next feature, where I catch up with USD students studying abroad for Fall 2014.

– Prita Karanjkar

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