Annual Evening MBA Executive Keynote Dinner

“On Friday night our MBA program hosted the 4th Annual Evening MBA Executive Keynote Dinner. Current Evening MBA students, alumni and professors who were in attendance made it a great event. We were honored to have Grace Cherashore as our keynote speaker. Ms. Cherashore is President & CEO of Evans Hotels and Chairman of the Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.  Her overview of the tourism industry was fascinating, as was her discussion regarding the transition from a post-MBA career in banking to holding an executive position within her family business – Evans Hotels.  Ms. Cherashore highlighted the importance of autonomy in the workplace and her dedication to providing fulfilling employment to the local San Diego market with Evans Hotels.  She also shared with us her perspective on the economy from her experience working with the Federal Reserve Bank. Everyone walked away from Ms. Cherashore’s presentation having learned something new, and she and her husband were gracious enough to speak with students and faculty informally afterwards.”    Image

–Submitted by Lindsey Mancuso, a 2nd year Evening MBA Student
Lindsey worked as Account Manager/Product Promotions for the ACTIVE Network, and interned at Adobe over the summer as a Product Marketing Manager. 

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