Finally, Finals Are Over…For Now

Finally, finals are over…for now

group studyWhat’s been on every first year MBA student’s mind for the last month? Well, other than internships, projects and the daily grind of class, it’s been final exams.  For most of us, this was the first time we’ve taken final exams since our undergraduate days.  To reveal my age, that was about 7 years ago. I started to really feel the squeeze about two weeks when I took a peek at our financial accounting sample exam.  That squeeze got tighter when I hesitantly looked at our economics study guide questions the week after that.  At that point I had an easy choice to make; tough out all the studying by myself or join forces with some fellow students and really learn the material.

Luckily, fellow first year students like Melissa Canet, who are much smarter than me, are eager to help out their cohort during study sessions.  Melissa comes from an accounting background and has been an invaluable resource to so many students like me who have a hard time in accounting.  She spent at least 10 hours a week, hosting group study sessions to prepare us for the final.  This selfless approach to developing fellow students is what keeps our cohort motivated, prepared and passionate about our MBA experience.  The studying, in this case, wasn’t a burden but more of a shared experience that has helped everyone improve on his or her weaknesses.

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That being said, we haven’t gotten test scores back yet in any of our classes.  So I don’t want to jinx it.  But I’m feeling fairly confident that the cohort as whole did well.  I know I made some mistakes in my exams, but I feel like I did better this time than I did on my midterms.  Now the rest is up to fate.  Either way, I’m proud of everyone for helping each other out and buckling down for the bumpy finals ride.  More than anything, I’m glad finals are over and we can start with a fresh round of interesting courses next week.

Written by Paul Pintek, first year IMBA student



About paulpintek

Paul Pintek, 1st year IMBA student. Prior to enrolling at USD Paul served for 7 years as an Officer in the US Marines.
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