Insightful Tour of Local Business in San Diego

The million-dollar question for a lot of MBA students in their first semester is “what is the right internship for me?” For the answer we look inward to discover what motivates, challenges and best prepares us for a future in business. Hopefully this inward look leads us to the right industry or the right position. Finding an internship that is a combination of the two is even better. Most MBA students are in the middle of internship searches right now which means we’re collectively knee deep in applications, interviews, networking and company research.

Our well-connected career services office helps MBA students find a challenging internship that best serves our personal and professional development. They help by advancing our interview, networking and resume skills as well as connecting us with leaders throughout San Diego’s business community and beyond.

Both full-time and international MBA cohorts joined forces to tour Cymer’s facilities and hear first hand from successful USD alumni who work there ( One of the largest company’s in San Diego, Cymer is far upstream in the electronics manufacturing supply chain and a leader in laser technology innovation. Cymer holds about 80% of their industry’s market share and estimates that almost 100% of electronics carrying microchips were touched by their laser technology.

More importantly for the MBA students touring the facility, Cymer is potentially an exciting place to work as an intern or a full time employee. Derek Dahlin, JD/MBA candidate from Vermont, had this to say, “I was blown away by the vision, culture and employees at Cymer, Inc.  Not only are they ahead of the technological curve in terms of their EUV laser technology, but they are also redefining the way that photolithography manufacturers optimize efficiency and minimize downtime for their customers.” Needless to say, Derek is considering applying to Cymer’s summer internship program.

Cymer TourThe facility tour was given by USD MBA alums who worked through Cymer’s rigorous internship and/or full time employment process and now love the opportunities they have to influence business decisions at Cymer on a daily basis. Hearing from the alumni gave us insight into how MBA students can directly apply the skills they’ve learned (financial modeling, presenting, analysis, management, etc.) to directly improve business processes during upcoming internships. USD’s ethics based MBA curriculum aligns closely with Cymer’s passion for positively impacting San Diego as whole. Illustrating the lasting impression Cymer left on us that day, Derek remarked that “it’s great to see such large company giving back to the community and building relationships with local talent pools like the USD MBA program.”  With finals just around the corner, the tour acted a perfect reminder that all the hard work will pay off in the near future when we finally get a chance to apply some lessons learned at our prospective internships.

For me personally, the search is over as I’ve found an internship at Merrill Lynch that aligns with my goals. The search was a time-consuming, yet fun experience for me as I learned first-hand about a number businesses while gaining confidence in my own abilities.

Written by Paul Pintek, 1st year IMBA student. Prior to enrolling at USD Paul served for 7 years as an Officer in the US Marines.

About paulpintek

Paul Pintek, 1st year IMBA student. Prior to enrolling at USD Paul served for 7 years as an Officer in the US Marines.
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