Claire Brown and Accion: Microfinance and Impact Investing

Accion is a global nonprofit dedicated to creating economic opportunities by connecting people to the financial tools they need to improve their lives.


Claire Brown is an outstanding student in the International MBA program at USD.


An amazing internship with Accion during which Claire conducted client outreach and underwriting.  She worked on large partnerships with Samuel Adams (Brewing the American Dream) and Kiva (Developed new Financial Tools).  In Claire’s words:

“I wanted to start a career in impact investing.  Accion is a great place to build a platform of microfinance on which to grow towards an investing role.  While working there I also took a course on microfinance at USD in Guatemala.  For my final project I analyzed Accion Investments (based out of Boston) and a 20% equity investment they made in a Tanzanian microfinance bank.  The analysis was conducted using a standard finance and social return metric called Impact Reporting and Investment Standards.  I am currently completing an independent study with the organization to create an internal credit rating system for microfinance clients.  The culmination of these efforts has really advanced my position in the impact investing job search!”

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