Intern Series: Sweta Ashwarya goes to ebay

Today, it feels great to share the story of my experiences as a Global Product Manager Intern at ebay that got converted into a full-time job offer. However, looking back it was a challenging journey switching industries and concentrating the job search primarily in the Bay Area. Needless to say that my husband and two year old who lived in the Bay Area while I attended school full-time at USD, were my biggest supporters.


From the paper I am publishing with Joel Sutherland, Managing Director, Supply Chain Management Institute at USD.:

“Mantra No. 1: Take initiative, no one cares more about your career than you in the words of John Donohoe, CEO ebay.

Have a strategy in place! For me, informational interviews really helped narrow down my list of interesting companies from 20 to 7.  I networked with at least 5-6 people per company (1-2 in executive positions).  I tailored my resume and cover letter for the company/role that I applied for.

Mantra No. 2: Do not hesitate to seek help and never give up.

My first interview with Facebook, a phone screening round, was a complete disaster.  I realized that I needed so much more practice doing phone interviews.  I reached out to second years and USD alumni for mock interviews as well as face-to-face. One should never disregard the value of mock interviews as they give you a competitive advantage.”

I had an amazing 12-week at ebay this summers. In a 2-week hackathon, I built the left hand navigation, visual navigation, and SEO Meta tags for 8 new Fashion Landing Pages!  Check it out:  I worked on several projects to define “Structured Data Strategy” for the Fashion Vertical.  This included leading a Pilot Project for Data Extraction in Item Specifics Coverage aspects with eBay Israel.  It was so fulfilling to see all my projects go LIVE and contribute towards solving real world tactical problems.

I also got to connect with senior leaders to discuss career paths, participate in a variety of team building and intern networking events across Marketplaces, PayPal and StubHub and also watch a Giants game at the AT&T Park in San Francisco! I’m super excited to go back to ebay next Spring!

Sweta Ashwarya is a full-time MBA student at University of San Diego. Before USD, she worked for over 5 years in India and San Francisco Bay Area for the textiles and fashion industry in manufacturing, business development, and product management. She completed her Masters in Garment Manufacturing Technology in India.


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