USD Faculty

While interning in New York this summer, I had an interesting conversation with an executive.  Though she confused my school with San Diego State in a way that I would not confuse U-Penn and Penn State, I let it slide.  She enlightened me as to the reasons why she preferred Ivy League MBAs on her team: because after graduating, they continued to be connected to the best minds in academia.

I wondered if it occurred to her that these minds were not infallible, especially in light of the Financial Crisis, which many of them did not see coming.  I wondered also if she knew the names of my teachers, the likes of Frank Partnoy who left Wall Street to teach at USD and write (in 1999) a chillingly accurate warning of that same crisis in a New York Times Best Seller, F.I.A.S.C.O.

Did this executive know Tom Copeland or John Stoessinger?  These are just a few of my globally recognized professors who, having advised U.S. presidents and completed stints at those prestigious schools in the northeast, have now found a home at what is for all intensive purposes, Galt’s Gulch – a place that is as much a home to the best as it is a secret.  These are my professors.  They are pillars of knowledge on which my career will be built.  The time is near when this will no longer be a secret.

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