Summer Internship Series: Anjaniprasad Annumalla

From the time he started his MBA at USD, Anjaniprasad Annumalla held Amazon at the top of his wish list of companies for which he dreamed to work.  His journey to achieve this goal started with LinkedIn.  Navigating his way through network tunnels, acquiring two personal interviews, ultimately the gutsy USD standout obtained an internship.

The internship exceeded Anjani’s wildest expectations.  Of the solutions he provided, some have been implemented and others are in the process of implementation, impacting millions of dollars worth of facilities.

The work of the young MBA required him to travel throughout various U.S. cities, meeting top management.  He is still astounded by the freedom and responsibility Amazon gave to MBA interns and has not forgotten the class with which he was treated.

Quoting the company’s mantra, ” Work Hard, Have Fun, and Make History,” Anjani, with his willingness to accept the offer that has been extended, is enjoying success.

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