A Day in the Life of an Evening MBA student…with Triplets

My story is unconventional to say the least. About two months after taking the GMAT in 2009, I found out my wife was pregnant with triplets. Yikes! Fast-forward 2 years and here I am, still alive and finishing my first year at USD in the evening MBA program.  This past year has been the craziest year of my life, but also the most rewarding.

If you are curious as to how I fit it all in, read on for a typical day in my life.

Wake up at 6:30am. Shower and try to get dressed before the kids wake up at 7am. Chase the kids around to try to get their clothes on. Eat breakfast around 7:45am and I’m out the door by 8am. Work a full day. On nights I don’t have class; I usually make it home around 6pm. Once I walk through the door three little monsters attack me. The chaos continues through dinner and bath time until about 7:30pm, at which point we manage to calm the boys to sleep. After helping clean up the house, I usually try to put in an hour or two of studying before hitting the hay myself. On nights I have class, I usually get home around 10:30pm at which point I will read for an hour or until I get tired.

The logistics of my life require careful planning. However, I must emphasize the importance of having a strong backing from my family, which allows me to focus on high priority items.

So, why do I torture myself and loved ones?

Class lectures and discussions are captivating. Case studies are intriguing and thought provoking. Homework, well, is homework. My classmates are second to none and the teaching quality of the professors is top notch. I believe that in order to succeed in the world today, it is a good idea to have advanced training. This program is teaching me how to look at business and problems from all angles. I knew early in my career I wanted to get my MBA, mainly to gain business acumen to compliment my scientific background. Now that I am in the program, I see opportunity all around me that will eventually translate into a better life for my family and I.

USD’s evening MBA program is not easy. A successful student must be dedicated and have support from those around them. My situation is unique, but such is the case for everyone in my cohort. For now, I am happy to have a break with finals over, but I can’t wait to start up again in the spring.

-Alan Koder

Alan is a second year evening MBA student.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from UCSD and works full time as the Operations Manager for Ambrx, a small privately held biotechnology company in La Jolla. 

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