Graduate Assistantships: One Student’s Experience

The Graduate Assistantship experience is one that I would recommend for those looking to build relationships and get exposure to things they otherwise would not throughout the pursuit of their MBA. In short, it is an opportunity to work with a member of the School of Business Faculty or Administration on a project of his or her choosing.

I should first point out that my situation is a bit different because I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with team in the MBA Programs office. When you apply, you don’t know whom you will be working for – in fact, most of my classmates  have been paired with a professor. In my case, I had the chance to re-architect the USD MBA website, participate in a cost analysis research study, and organize one of the MBA Program’s largest recruiting event of the year – MBA Insights. In all situations, I felt like I was an integral part of the team, but more importantly, I was giving the team the opportunity to meet me.

Prospective Students Enjoying Lunch at USD with Current Students, Professors and a View of the Pacific

While planning the MBA Insights event, I worked with everyone – the facilities crew, food vendors, professors, students, Dean Pyke, as well as participants. Event planning was never anything that I’d say I had experience with, but the team entrusted me with a job and supported me throughout. The result was an event enjoyed by all, including a few of the new first year MBA’s who mentioned that the day was a big factor in their deciding to attend USD.

Dean Pyke Speaking with Prospective Students

Although my experience with the Graduate Assistantship may have been unique, it is safe to say that I would have never had the opportunity had I not applied.

Plus, you get paid. And as a full time student, who couldn’t use a little extra money.

-Andrew Kaplan

Andrew is a second year MBA student. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and now works at Cymer.

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