MBAs take on Intramurals

Sports were a large part of my undergrad experience and I enjoyed those experiences immensely, so naturally I looked into taking part in some sort of sport activity once my graduate studies began.

Being in a new city, I was lucky to have classmates that shared the same athletic interests.  The intramural sports program allowed those of us with common interests to spend time outside of the classroom in a casual setting.  There was a broad range of interest regarding the sports offered by the USD intramural program.  Our class settled on participating in dodgeball, soccer, and basketball.  We were pretty successful in soccer and basketball, but dodgeball was another story for a two big reasons. First, our team averaged 8-9 years since high school gym class…so you could say we were out of practice. Second, the MBA has a good number of international students, which meant that we had many first-time players on the team.  That said, their enjoyment in learning the sport was very comparable to the first time I ever played dodgeball back in my elementary days – which more than made up for a few losses…

Representing the MBA Program on the Field

I will have to say that the initiative to organize our intramural teams was a little difficult, but it was a small price to pay for the experiences that came of it.  Our participation in these team sports built bonds in ways that our class time, group activities, and social events could not compare.

Playing Soccer Under the Lights

-Michael Parker

Michael is a second year MBA student, spent the summer in San Diego working for Gen-Probe, and was a biology major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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