Internship Searching (Quick tip: Be persistent!)

Frankly, the beginning of my time as an IMBA student was a blur. I had recently moved back to the States from a summer in Kisumu, Kenya, and I was very much looking forward to discovering all that sunny San Diego had to offer… Unfortunately all of my energy was spent trying to survive a grueling combination of class 6 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, with dozens of group meetings in between; never-ending case studies and chapter readings; and mountains of papers and problem sets. In short: tough, but (thankfully) temporary.

As soon as the coursework lightened, our Career Services team quickly replaced that energy with a summer internship search. Although I knew the ideal relationship that existed (internship = job offer), I was so exhausted from classes that I had zero enthusiasm to bring to the challenge. It was daunting. Luckily, Terra and Reyna did a lot of the heavy lifting for us by bringing companies on campus. One of the first recruiting events that they announced was for a supply chain internship with Cisco Systems in Silicon Valley.

I actually missed the first round of interviews… I was traveling for work when the Cisco recruiters held their San Diego region event, and returned only to discover that all of the on-campus interview slots for USD MBAs had been filled. However, I wanted to be considered so badly that I wrote Terra an email stating my desire, as well as a few bullets on my relevant experiences. I basically begged her to send my information to the Cisco recruiter and ask if they could slip me into their interview schedule… I just wanted 5 minutes.

I was lucky. I landed the last interview spot. Around Halloween, I received the offer… a sweet treat indeed!

-Stephanie Le

Stephanie is a second year IMBA student, spent the summer at Cisco Systems and double majored in history and women and gender studies at Truman State University. She will complete her degree at the Bordeaux School of Management Sciences this Spring. 

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