Back to School…but first a Harbor Cruise

There is no better way to kick off the school year than being in the late August sunshine with all of your friends aboard the Hornblower Cruise! The energy and excitement that comes with the start of the school year makes the Hornblower Cruise a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

My first cruise was a lot of fun. Not only was I able to get to know my cohort members a little more, I was also able to interact with students in other cohorts and other programs. I met second year MBAs who provided great advice, evening MBAs who are great contacts since they are currently becoming established in their fields, and other students in the Executive Leadership, Global Leadership and Supply Chain Management Program who exposed me to different types of careers. But perhaps the most beneficial part of the Hornblower Cruise for me was meeting students in the Master of Science in Real Estate Program (MSRE). As a dual master candidate (MBA and MSRE), I was very excited to meet them and to hear about the program I would soon start. I kept in touch with many of the MSRE students I met on the Hornblower Cruise and was able to see them again in the intersession when we traveled to Hong Kong for a negotiations class.

My second year on the Hornblower Cruise was just as fun as my first. Although I did meet some new students, most of my evening was spent catching up with old friends, hearing about their summer internships, and learning where past MBA students were employed. It was also a fun experience to introduce my new friends in the MSRE Program to my friends I made last year.

Overall, the Hornblower Cruise is a great way to enjoy the weather and friends and to have a memorable start to the school year.

Catching up with classmates.

The view of beautiful San Diego!

Carey Algaze

Carey is a second year MBA/MSRE student, currently working for the real estate investment and development firm, New Urban West, and received a double major from the University of California San Diego in Urban Studies and Planning and Sociology.

You can read more about our adventures on the high seas on our Dean’s blog and on the MSGL’s blog.

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