The USD MBA Experience

Our MBA program started with building sand castles on lovely Coronado Island. Our team had a great plan – we were going to build the Immaculata, the building represented in the USD logo. Easy, right? It’s just one tower and a big dome. This was our first assignment together as a team and we were working really well as a group. In fact, on the day of the competition, we were nearly done and still had 20 minutes left. We were feeling good.

And then we removed the form…and our lovely structure crumbled entirely. We were left with two mounds of sand, which had no relationship to the lovely Immaculata. In what could have been a very tense moment, each and every member of my team simply started laughing. There was no blame, there was no anger…we just laughed. And then we quickly came up with a Plan B and made a pretty awesome camel in the 19 remaining minutes. That day I realized I’d completely lucked out with my team and we came up with our team name (Sandy Camel, obviously).

THE Sandy Camel

It also was a sign of what was to come in business school – highs and lows in quick succession, the importance of efficient time management and thinking on your feet, and the power of teamwork. Oh, and just how fun this experience could (and would) be.

The purpose of this blog is to share these stories and shed some light on just what it’s like to be an MBA at USD. I won’t lie; in general it’s pretty great (have you seen this campus?). But, it’s also stressful, busy and challenging – it is business school after all. My classmates and I will try to explain just what our experiences have been like – both the good and the less good – and we hope it helps you as you search for your perfect MBA experience.

We look forward to sharing!

Getting a lift from Sandy Camel...something that happened all semester long!

-Erin Nolan

Erin is a second year,  full-time MBA student. She spent the summer interning at Active Network and has a history degree from Harvard University.

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